So Social, So Loco…

Attempting to get with the “Program”, Twitter to be precise. I clicked on a link. The page that appeared was a blog post. The lawyer/professional now appears to need to tick multiple online boxes at the same time. Blogging is not enough. Twitter is not enough. Social media must be “social”; you must do more than one at a time, apparently. If you do not you are supposedly insulting the general populace on social media. You are signalling that you “do not get social media” and that you are “not interested in building relationships with your readers”…
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Never Mind The Blog Roll, Pass Me The Bog Roll, Please…

“Top 5 Tips to succeed at *qualification/*job type/*hobby [*insert relevant type]”
“10 Reasons Why Your Life Sucks And Everyone Else’s Is Great”

We all do it, apparently. Even Royalty, in the aristocratic and celebrity senses, do it. Anyone who is anyone makes time for it and then proudly displays it for all to see. Blogging is the new “it”. The great leveller – turning anyone who wants into Carrie/Sex & The City-type columnists or Churchill-esque political thinkers.

I won’t labour the great sense of irony that anyone who reads this may feel. Lambasting blogging on a blog? It just screams – “too much”!
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Nothing Found

So….here I am staring at the screen, trying to work out something witty, intellectual or searingly on- point with the seemingly endless chatter scrolling ever-downwards like a relentless army of “super-users” of social media.  I’m a lawyer, I do court and all that!  I know stuff and words and can operate a computer – so what gives?
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